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Mark Goodman

About AtlBucs Mark

In 2011, Mark was inducted at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton as one of the top fans of the game as the 5th Buccaneer fan to be inducted into the PFUFA (Pro Football Ultimate Fans Assoc). He is one of only about 190 super fans among all the pro football teams inducted in PFUFA - others include such great fans as Big Nasty, The Pope of the Saints, and the Hogettes of the Redskins.  ​

Annual celebrations at the Hall of Fame, as part of being in the PFUFA, include being part of the NFL Hall of Fame Parade, providing autographs at the HoF for the HoF visitors, and visiting the Akron Children's Hospital to cheer up the kids.

Mark's personal and fan life is about good sportsmanship, unity, and charitable giving of time, money and effort. 

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From Mark:

So as a Buc fan in Atlanta, I discovered that there are plenty others just like me - looking for a place with other Buc fans to watch the game together....but when I moved here in 2003 from Tampa, I found out that I couldn't find a place to go to hoot and holler for our Bucs with other fans. Thinking I might get 20 or 30 Buc fans together, I started AtlBucs, now known as Buccaneer Invasion.  Never in my mind did I think it would grow into the 2,000+ Krewe that it has.  Win or lose, we love our team and our Krewe.

Buccaneer Invasion is all about a gathering of great fans with a passion for our Tampa Bay Buccaneers, good sportsmanship, making new friends, and building a family and krewe of great people having a good time while watching the Bucs game together.

Along the way, many life-long friendships have been made and we have managed to raise tens of thousands of dollars for some outstanding causes.

So please, tell your fellow Bucs friendly friends and family about the Buccaneer Invasion Krewe and have them join us at game time.

In addition to the Bucs, I founded a faith-based nonprofit to help others find forgiveness - more at

Go Bucs!  Can I hear you yell "Tampa" "Bayyyyyyyy"

Mark Atlbucs Goodman
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